From tiny beginnings to oceans I discovered the world in words

Light dream

The light that lingers / where I long to be / up high on the moor / where the wind blows free

And cloud shadows sweep / across lovat and straw / how I wish I could be / among heather and gorse

Where cotton grass dances / and cannot stand still / I gaze up at the sky / that tips over the hill

The fresh winds of time / forever move on / undisturbed by the light / from the moon or the sun

Or the darkest of skies / when starlight shines out / that cannot be seen / with street lights about

The last ray of light / where the sunset lies / high up on the moorland / gently closes its eyes

But still on the moor / in a different scene / the song of the wind / carries my dream.

(C) Elaine Patricia Morris

Comments on: "Light dream" (3)

  1. Some very lovely lines through out this piece (ones I would love to borrow) but I particularly love the last line. For we too are standing on the moor wishing for greater heights and yet the song of the wind carries our dreams. Love and peace to you.

  2. I can still remember how I felt floating in the ocean just off of Maui. With the clear blue sky overhead. Your verse reminds me of those types of times one wants to keep close.

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