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July 16

courting butterflies

do not

flatten the grass


July 15

over the weir

the river furls back on itself

then bubbles on its way

so do I


Or maybe not.

In the silence of this morning

I write to fill the need

of putting pen to paper

but somehow don’t succeed

to tell a story full of fire

that satifies my hearts desire

or write a poem full of fun

I am done before I have begun

outside the window rain pours down

no breeze to change its slant

it knows not anything at all

of those who say they can’t

so rain or shine keep pushing pen

across the page and back again

till somewhere on your page you find

a glimmer of something in your mind

before you know you have written down

a poem worthy of a crown

……..or maybe not.



July 11

nature blends


abundant growth

grass flowers


drift free and grow

we also


in heart and soul

(C) EPM (piku series)

July 8

fire burns

steam power up

engine shunting train chuffs

over the bridge where the river

flows free

(C) EPM (cinquain)

July 6

pandemic cyclist

nervous uncomfortable

waits to turn right


July 4

open bathroom window

someone singing in the rain

thundery downpour


July 2

in an instant

Basho’s poetry

stops the world at now


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