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November 11

in every stitch
a memory or a prayer
my yarn, my hook
my comfort blanket

(C) EPM (naani)

November 8

I think that I have written
all I can about these leaves
that have changed from green to golden
and all colours in between

but did I fail to mention
how loud the bird song sounds
now branches and the trunks are bare
and the leaves all on the ground

then how the blackbird searches
tossing leaves up as he goes
he simply flips them over
his beak bright as sunshine glows

the rustling of the kickings
of childrens flailing feet
or the crunch as they are rolling
down the hillside on repeat

the artist with his brush strokes
recreates the autumn scene
with yellow ochre and burnt umber
and just a few tiny spots of green

so this is where the problem lies
to find words not already written
when all around is beautiful
and with autumn you are smitten.


November 6

sipping my coffee
through a smile
I catch up with a friend

November 4

Here I am at Martin Mere Wetland Nature Reserve.

Earth your sun is out lighting up the sheen of the ducks, colours we don’t see on a dull day.

Leaning in I ponder on the unseen beauty you hold.

Listing gratitude for hidden stars in daylight, friendship across miles and warmth from the sun.

Offering my smile.


Tomorrows Hope

Often the oldest things
Hold promises anew
The sharpest shower
Makes way for sky of blue
The picnic bench is empty
A robin sings below
Where leaves are wet and brown
That a week ago were gold
The old stone wall green covered
With moss is standing strong
Around the ancient building
Where many stories do belong
Just now the sun comes out again
To fill the scene with light
And show us Autumns colours
Copper, bronze and gold delight
Across the distance standing firm
Bare trees just wait till spring
Whatever turbulence there is
Just breathe in again and sing
For in this tiny moment
While history overlooks
The words we write together
Are the words that fill our books.


November 3

an old stone wall
the new green moss
support one another

November 2

Dear Earth,

Here I am back from a colourful Monday ride out when others are working.

Earth autumn is bountiful with colours warm and toasty, leaves dancing through the air and muffled walkers taking part in the scene.

Leaning into changing times. We are at one with you whether tethered, flying freely or settled.

Listing gratitude for movement, lanes to explore and home, wherever that may be.

Offering the portals in my lounge space that lead me to you.


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