From tiny beginnings to oceans I discovered the world in words

November 26

mist over the hills

like natures warm breath

on a cold morning

draws the day inward

wraps me in the home

that is my heart


Comments on: "November 26" (6)

  1. Beautiful and heart felt …yours and mine.

  2. I have always like mist. One dusk there was a buck (with points or a good rack) that walked through the neighbors yards. Kind of magical 🙂

      • I wished I could have gotten a photo. But I don’t always carry my camera. I do get to see deer out my back window, mostly across the creek. But they don’t hang around for photos. Once I actually saw five prancing between the trees! Looked like a family with a buck, doe, teen and two fawns.

      • I saw 2 young roe deer last week at the side of the motorway. I worried all night would they get spooked and run into the road. They were too close to the fence to jump it. Goodness knows how they got there.

      • There are just not enough natural pathways. We took a road trip with some family just to play a different kind of bowling called ‘Duck Pins’ and on the way back I saw a full rack buck that thankfully had stopped as we drove by. But alas we did see more than one that did not make it across the road. 😦

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