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August 8

windswept sky
white tresses brush across blue
never ageing

Aug 5

open water
cloud cushioned
forever free
one blue streak
universe smiles

Aug 4

Here at Walker Fold
Earth your expanse unfolds before me across Bolton to the hills beyond, it is wonderful.
Leaning in I see your newly planted woodland.
Listing gratitude for the wind blowing through the grasses, short white clover and tall pink thistles. The bees love these flowers.
Offering my afternoon.

Aug 3

on the green
the tap of the bowls
ooohs and aaghs

Aug 2

Here looking through my window.
Earth I see only the rosebuds at the top of the bush.
Leaning in I know they are full of promise and yet I must accept them as they are today.
Listing gratitude for the book I am reading, my friend who sent it to me and the moment I took to look out of the window.
Offering small moments .

Aug 1

There is a streak of blue in the sky today
it is so much nicer than endless blue
it changes shape as the clouds move along
giving differing brightness and a different view
and if there is anything I need in my life just now
it is to move towards something new.

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