From tiny beginnings to oceans I discovered the world in words

July 21 (haibun)?

Here I am in my lavender colour jacket.
Earth your lavender grows in pots outside the shop.
Leaning in to the scent of peace and traquility.
Listing gratitude for my knowledge,
my memories and waiting time.
Offering my wellbeing that I can share this gentleness.
smoky green
scented leaves growing
quietly in small pots.
………….(C) EPM

Comments on: "July 21 (haibun)?" (13)

  1. I’d call it a hybrid haibun 😉

  2. misfit27 said:

    A beautiful Earth tribute and thanksgiving.

  3. Can I place a question. What is a haibun

  4. There are two main types of haibun:

    Matsuo Bashō composed the kind of haibun known as kikōbun, a travel journal, distinct from much shorter pieces, like diary entries or anecdotes, for which the Japanese term is nikki.

    From very short haibun:

    To longer haibun:

    There are also pieces of prose with five line poems (tanka) called tanka stories or “tanka prose”.

    Call of the Page

  5. I love lavender and have a big pot of it on my patio. The bees love it.

  6. I know technically that a haibun is supposed to have a haiku… but I think we can be creative and explore other options poetically so that’s why I call any prose with a combination of other short forms hybrid haibuns and that’s my story and I’m sticking to it 😀

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