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June 8

breeze across the fields knits grasses and buttercups into this fairisle (c) EPM

June 7

Here I am with a nose bleed again
Earth I look at your blue sky shapes changing through tree branches outside my window
Leaning in I feel the pressure in my head lifting
Listing gratitude for tissues, the view while I wait and cold water
Offering my patience.
(C) EPM #earthello #dearearth


June 6

Here I am amongst your gifts
Earth your creatures need food and water so we feed the birds and keep their water clean and refreshed
Leaning in I see a little bee crawling among the gravel. It may need water.
Listing gratitude for your gifts, my ability to help and free running water.
Offering a drink to a solitary little bee.
(C) EPM #earthellos

June 5

Here I am in my office by the open window
Earth your breeze blowing my ribbon lampshade that holds memories of my Mother
Leaning in I remember sewing and knitting together baby garments and our relationship as she prepared to become a grandmother for the first time
Listing gratitude for the good memoriess of my earlier life, skills passed down and my ability to remember
Offering thanks for my lifelong learning.
(C) EPM #earthellos

June 3

Here I am back from an extensive eye examination.
Earth your petrichor this morning after night time rain is beautiful
Leaning into you with blurred vision opens other senses
Listing gratitude for a dedicated skilled optician, technology and rain
Offering my peace of mind.
(C) EPM #earthellos

June 2

bright painted barge
reflecting in canal
she rocks gently on the ripples
my boat

life is slow here
things are different now
gongoozlers still waiting in vain
by locks

last year
The Cheshire Ring
Easter Bank holiday
my memories in this wine glass


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