From tiny beginnings to oceans I discovered the world in words

And yet…..

. How can nature be so cruel
. When all around is spring
. Are we now supposed to cry

. And is that azure in the sky
. The limit of eternity
. Should we now die

. While new life is all about
. Nature blooms and young birds sing
. Yet I have lost my song

. If there is yin
. If there is yang
. Where does the balance now belong
. (C) EPM April 2020

Comments on: "And yet….." (9)

  1. misfit27 said:

    This piece is showing all of our frustrations and loss of hope at this time, but nature continues to say there is more – the the balance is finding its resting place. It is not there yet….but it is our choice to continue to hope and reach out with love. Our songs are coming back but this time together.

  2. . Nature blooms and young birds sing. That’s a beautiful song.

  3. I’ve been watching a series called Cosmos… and because of peoples actions the ozone layer is repairing itself. We need to continue to work together to repair what we have (Earth-wise). I see too much bad news to want to be dragged down by more. I know we do need to stay informed. However we need to remember that diseases weren’t always recognized as what they are today when they first started. Like many cancers… or Aids. And there are cures and treatments for them. We must find a balance without letting fear rule.

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