From tiny beginnings to oceans I discovered the world in words

December 9

I am in a dry period

writing doesn’t flow

maybe a new project

something different, you know

responses to the work

of old masters like Basho

or maybe just a cup of tea

and let the feeling go.

no, I really should write on

whatever I have to show

and see where responses take me

okay then here we go


in field nor mountain, nothing stirs

on this snowy morning

.. Chiyo-Ni

rivers flow

snow falls

earth sighs

.. (C) EPM

Comments on: "December 9" (7)

  1. Our Japanese Prints project is ongoing, with Karen working on the Impact Report for the museum and city council, plus a survey, but you can still enjoy writing responses to them for fun! 🙂

    warm regards,

    Alan Summers
    Call of the Page

  2. i was there here some time behind me. just had to center on improving the website .

  3. Also being a musician, i use the words in the songs, preferably old church hymns and christmas to emphasize the tune and when i hear birds chirping or dogs barking, I use their rhythms or melody to write.

  4. I enjoy prompts too – you can find them pretty much anywhere.
    Once I did haiku on a daily book of meditations. – though some books are say you can’t print their work without permission – doesn’t mean you can’t be inspired by them.

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