From tiny beginnings to oceans I discovered the world in words

Llywygg bay
bar shop and cafe
in teepee and tents
sandy beach
water sports
and evening events (tanshi)
lifeboat station
sea watch point
visitor centre and grounds
effro* (elfje)
* alert, vigiliant in Welsh
Benllech, sand castles

guarding wind breaks and picnics

British summertime
holidaymakers bathing

on the North Angelsey coast (tanka)
All (c) Elaine Patricia Morris

Comments on: "On the coast in Angelsey" (4)

  1. misfit27 said:

    I spent time at Lake Michigan (USA) and watching the summer atmosphere of people, sand and sun. Though I had not thought of sand castles as guarding the wind breaks. Lovely.

  2. A lovely day out! 🙂

  3. I got to go to the shore/beach in June in South Carolina. We had a wonderful time.
    We had our claim to the sand half in the sun and half under the boardwalk. Some of the beaches banned the Tents this year. You still could use umbrellas. I guess they were thinking the tents took up too much room and they wanted more tourists.

    Lovely verses. Sound very nice indeed.

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