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19 days into January

shop browsers busy-

feeling comfort from my cup

my morning stillness
S. Rowling (c) 2018

17 days into January

loneliness echoes
in the greyness of winter-
I am beyond tired
Elaine Patricia Morris (c) 2018

14 days into January

seen my first catkins
marking time, spring approaching-
at home heating on
Elaine Patricia Morris (c) 2018

13 days into January

teasing it’s lip I
stir my singing bowl alive-
hear the song of now
this is the moment
tones and vibrations humming-
light reflecting brass
Elaine Patricia Morris (c) 2018
(haiku pair)

12 days into January

bare tangled bleakness
wiring all over the bank-
brambles building strength
Elaine Patricia Morris (c) 2018

11 days into January

winter slow silence

embroidered by robin song-

waiting in car park
Elaine Patricia Morris (c) 2018

January 11

Today has seen the inaugural meeting of ‘Incidental Haiku.’   It is a new group for anyone with interest in short form poetry.  Japanese and otherwise.    We are very much in the planning stage but the group will aim to work outdoors when weather permits and be fluid enough to change venues at times according to numbers attending and inspiration.   

This is something I have been thinking about for many months and it is about time to give it a whirl.  Wish me luck.

Elaine Patricia Morris (c)  Jan. 2018

Plough Monday

Ribbon trimmed and clean, the plough
drawn through the streets this Monday morn
musicians and the morris men
their country dances to perform.
Farm lads disguised with faces blackened
collect at doors a copper bright
or else your garden may fall prey
to being ploughed up overnight.
The Mummer’s plays, true to tradition
from medieval times passed down
are acted out in villlage squares
men dressed in straw to look like bears
come round spectators rattling tins.
The long tailed fool now cloaked in skins
will jest and leap around the fayre.
Then to the church they take the plough
to receive a blessing for it’s toil.
The Plough Light candle will burn all year
so farms bring harvest from the soil.
To the barn the feast will come
a meaty pudding boiled in cloth
and every man will eat his fill
to end this merry throng.
First Monday from Epiphany
the men and boys return to work,
no ribbons now and keen the plough
drawn through the richness of the earth.
Elaine Patricia Morris (c) Jan. 2018

6 days into January

tune into your inner knowing
accept that your soul is true
move beyond your yesterdays
your breath is all you have
Elaine Patricia Morris ( c) 2018

5 days into January

A Christmas Carol
ghosts past, present and future-
Dicken’s mindfulness
Elaine Patricia Morris (c)

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