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4 days into March

Haibun /  Elfje

Today the rain pours down.  Yesterday I snatched 30 minutes while it was dry, mild and still.  Now I have a little peace garden in a pot.


white stones

in moist earth

spring flowers nodding, honouring.



Elaine Patricia Morris (c)


A busy day.

Dust emits from the boxes

Empty now they’re all sorted.

Charity bags are ready

Loaded into the car boot.

Under the stairs on shelving

Too many things are waiting

Till I get started in there

Electing what is staying

Removing what is rubbish.

In another hour or two

Nearing the end of this task

Great things will have been achieved.


Elaine Patricia Morris  (c) March 2017

Be like lichen

Will it ever stop raining

can trees drink to much

or is it soft earth

that makes them fall over.


When it stops raining

moss will shrink

lose it brightness

turn darker green.


If earth becomes dry

even fungi will cease to grow

mould dissappear

but their spores will remain



Lichen it seems

can rally in any weather.


Elaine Patricia Morris

(c) March 2017

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