From tiny beginnings to oceans I discovered the world in words

Be like lichen

Will it ever stop raining

can trees drink to much

or is it soft earth

that makes them fall over.


When it stops raining

moss will shrink

lose it brightness

turn darker green.


If earth becomes dry

even fungi will cease to grow

mould dissappear

but their spores will remain



Lichen it seems

can rally in any weather.


Elaine Patricia Morris

(c) March 2017


Comments on: "Be like lichen" (3)

  1. Drunk trees now there is an image worth considering.

  2. Our weather has been so strange. My sinuses are going bonkers!
    I’ve tried to take advantage of the nice weather and may have dressed to warmly, and have gotten a chill. And tomorrow we have a chance of snow!

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