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30 days into October

The little golden beech wood
where I often go to think,
autumn moisture in the air
says yes to times of change,
and yet beside the entrance,
still hanging on to summer
lavender scented memories
of warmer times when there.

Elaine Patricia Morris
(c) October 2016

Comments on: "30 days into October" (4)

  1. Some may think I have a green thumb, but I have tried growing lavender and a few other plants and have not been successful. Maybe I’ll try lavender in the spring …again.

  2. Oh do. I love lavender we have it in patio pots Jules

    • Maybe I’ll have to try lavender in a pot? I sort of let my forsythia wander a bit. They sort of self root by extending their branches. I’ve just transplanted about five small bushes to other places in my yard. I hope they bloom and grow. The older bushes were here when we got the place. but too many trees have grown up through them that there is no longer a hedge of them. Some of the trees could be trimmed…

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