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15 days into September

soft underfoot path
makes for silent walking
my shin-rin yoku

stillness in pine scented air
tree top temple roof and sky
pine cone mala beads

birds flutter singing
an ever moving sangha
spirit of the wood

Elaine Patricia Morris
(c) September 2016


Comments on: "15 days into September" (6)

  1. Can you define: shin-rin yoku and sangha.
    I think I can guess at the mala (prayer?) beads.

    The state forest I was at the other day had quite a variety of trees.
    It would be nice if someone went through and pulled out the poison ivy…
    at least I was wearing boots and long dungarees.

    • Sangha is a buddhist community and you will like this one, shin-rin yoku is a Japanese term for ‘forest bathing’ when you get the senses, smell, taste, sight, touch and sound of the forest as you walk or sit in a meditative state. Google it Jules they will explain it better than me. I never walk in a wood in the same way since learning this.

  2. Forest bathing, what a beautiful expression Elaine Patricia.

  3. simply beautiful

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