From tiny beginnings to oceans I discovered the world in words

The Country Dance

The willow she sings dozy dotes
and diddly dum the ivy
alder buckthorn waves her arms
the bracken slowly bows.

The pale pink rose buds her head
lavender quivers with glee
buddlea curtsies, bumble bees hum
the gate swings to and fro.

The garden spider spins her web
and circles left and right
butterflies gently clap their wings
and round we go again.

Elaine Patricia Morris
(c) August 2016.


Comments on: "The Country Dance" (11)

  1. Oh it makes me feel like dancing! Seems like a good day for it.

  2. That’s so nice. You have been so supportive with your comments. Your blog is such a peaceful place. Thank you.

  3. Though late in the season I saw a pair of Monarch butterfly clapping their wings earlier this week out of my ‘picture’ window. Complimenting your verse 😉

  4. I’m waiting for my wildflowers this year and I love how you personify the garden, in full swing.

  5. Maria nailed it when she says your blog is a very peaceful place, Elaine Patricia.

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