From tiny beginnings to oceans I discovered the world in words

Mandala 4

Native American Indian Mandala

Honeysuckle hedgerow
tumbling water
scented roses
senses delight.

Colours simply
tinted, blended
miracles, magic,
creation, love.

Marble buddha
touch so cooling
shady corners
new mown grass.

Herbs aromatic
texture, growth
miracles, magic
creation, love.

Family, friends,
neighbours, colleagues
children, parents.
Love is all.

Hear them
feel them
they are miracles.

Elaine Morris (c) July 2016.

So manifold are the wonders of creation that this beauty will never end.
Creation is present (here), it is present (here), right now, in you, has always been there.
The world is miracle.
The world is magic.
The world is love.
And it is here, right now.


Comments on: "Mandala 4" (1)

  1. Belief can be a very beautiful thing.
    Even when we are hardest on ourselves – seeking and seeing nature helps to heal.
    That is/ this is life.

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