From tiny beginnings to oceans I discovered the world in words

Mandala 2

Native American Indian Mandala

Wisdom belongs
to learners.

Oak tree
to acorn,
acorn to
oak. Father
to son.

Elaine Morris (c) July 2016.

Quote –
Wisdom does not belong to a single human being. We have to act wisely, but wisdom does not belong to anybody. It is the revelation of old proven ideas and we obtain it when generation after generation explores the laws of nature.



Comments on: "Mandala 2" (5)

  1. Thanks Rising Hawk

  2. Thanks readinpleasure

  3. Like, learn mistakes from history. Often too late sometimes…
    I just was in a discussion the other day where it was mentioned how as humans we have made it possible for more humans to exist, but not always in harmony with each other or the planet. An apt quote indeed.

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