From tiny beginnings to oceans I discovered the world in words

Early awakenings

Soft as a baby’s fist
uncurls, new born hawthorn leaves –
periwinkle sky

Birds feathers brighten,
mad march hares running, boxing
lambs sproing in the fields

Brimstone butterfly
fluttering in warmer air-
Mother Earth stirring

Lesser celandines
open hearts reflect the sun-
it’s all happening

Elaine Morris (c) March 2016


Comments on: "Early awakenings" (8)

  1. Thanks Ian and Viginia

  2. So much spring here too. Though we have had some snow in April, occasionally.
    I think, I hope it is safe to put the snow blower away!

    • Very little snow if any here for years now. Rather strange how the weather is progressing. The swans that over winter here from Iceland are now going back.

      • The changes seem fast over a lifetime…but they are slow in the great revolution of the earth.

        I watched a show once about how the ice ages came and retreated…and may come again.

  3. beautiful use of colour in your verses

  4. Thank you Freya. Just now I am beginning to struggle with writing so it means a lot that someone is reading my little offerings.

  5. Thank you Polly and Rising Hawk

  6. Thanks epicpetlove.

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