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#FebruaryFun 14

Love is my favourite people in my favourite place.

#FebruaryFun 12/13

Repotting and catalogueing cactus.
Prickly business.   (c)

#FebruaryFun 11


Meeting Samuel
from school,
walking home
holding hands.
Chatting, laughing,
in sunshine.

A privilege.

(c) 2016

#FebruaryFun 10


Found a village tea room
with log fire, paintings, books.
A place Walt Whitman fans
have used, or so it looks.
A graveyard very old where
memories and stories of
people’s loved ones told.
I will be going back again
it was peaceful, friendly, warming.
I glad we used this sunny day
to venture out exploring.

Elaine Morris (c) 2016


#FebruaryFun 9

           potato pie
   supper with friends.
      No I didn’t win.

(c) 2016

#FebruaryFun 8

A batch of scones,
Victoria sponge,
a tray of chocolate shortbread.
Baking.  What better way
on a wet Monday

Elaine Morris (c) 2016

#FebruaryFun 7

                 red campion,
      bloom beside snowdrops.
  Hawthorn leaves before Elder.

An elfje by Elaine Morris (2016)

#FebruaryFun 6

                                   of Dad
                    watching Dad’s Army.
                  He laughed himself silly.

          An Elfje by Elaine Morris (c) 2016.

#FebruaryFun 5


Today I met a friend,
I hadn’t seen him in a while.
We chatted and we laughed
it was great to see his smile.
We hugged before we parted,
went our seperate ways.
I wished him all the best
and he replied the same.
I hope it’s not too long before
this happens once again.

Elaine Morris (c)  2016

#FebruaryFun 4


An evening with sweets
not a calorie in sight.

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