From tiny beginnings to oceans I discovered the world in words

#FebruaryFun 15 – 17

#FebruaryFun 15
line dried washing,
new beginnings
for my dreams.
#FebruaryFun 16
Easy companionship
with like minded friends.

#FebruaryFun 17
A day of yin and yang,
help and humiliation,
hot and cold,
up and down,
quiet despair
to end a day of torment.
Space and quiet,
an evening of solace.
Tomorrow is another day.

All above (c) 2016.


Comments on: "#FebruaryFun 15 – 17" (1)

  1. We humans flip flop easily in our emotions.
    A relative who lives in a warm place wanted a replacement comforter.
    So I was able to do that… but warned it might be too hot, being ‘down’.
    But they insisted – so I persisted too… and sent it.
    And even with the Thank you’s there was some complaining… that the blanket was too hot. But I can’t tell them to adjust the thermostat at night…

    Ups and downs. Wishing you more ‘ups’.
    Hugs, Jules

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