From tiny beginnings to oceans I discovered the world in words

#JoyfulJan 27
Coffee at the garden centre
whatever time of day
blondes, brunettes and auburn hair
hides ‘fifty shades of grey’.

#JoyfulJan 28
Getting home just before the rain started again.

#JoyfulJan 29
First flower on my mammillaria cactus.

#JoyfulJan 30
Such joy today. A pait of wrens, hailstones dancing and a rainbow.

#JoyfulJan 31
Reading through a whole month of joy.

Comments on: "Joyful January 27 – 31 The End" (3)

  1. Thanks for popping in Jacqueline

  2. I like that first one… I don’t color my greys… which are silver and white!

    And the cactus…I once grew some from seed… but they didn’t make it when I tried to transplant them to larger pots after at least ten years…

    Joy is everywhere… I’m doing different shades of red for February 😉

  3. Thanks for reading and commenting Jules, Freya and Polly. I will be doing February Fun next.

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