From tiny beginnings to oceans I discovered the world in words

JoyfulJan carries on.

#JoyfulJan 14
White turbines on a snow topped hill against a blue sky.

#JoyfulJan 15
A hard frosty morning.

#JoyfulJan 16
Waterstones book shop with a fistful of gift vouchers.

#JoyfulJan 17
One of nature’s balancing acts.  Snow on twigs.

Comments on: "JoyfulJan carries on." (7)

  1. Thanks. Freya. A simple thing like Joyful January is keeping me going. X

  2. Nice to know you have been here Polly

  3. Oh, I could go for gift certificates for a book shop!!! 🙂
    Hope you found some interesting books.

  4. Smashing books Jules.

  5. What a clever way/Of writing every day/Some short and sweet and too the point/Guaranteed never to be out of joint/A pointer for writers that’s for sure/Complex but simple always pure.

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