From tiny beginnings to oceans I discovered the world in words

October Sedoka



Beyond five bar gate,

now seven, rusting, no wood,

views doubled in reflection,

walking the tow path,

bronzed leaves travel beside me.

I saunter at the same speed.




Evening air is still.

Although the light is fading

I cannot see the sunset.

A thin veil of cloud

covers the crick in my neck.

Just now the sky’s unchanging.


Elaine Morris (c) October 2015.


Comments on: "October Sedoka" (2)

  1. Lovely observations.
    Funny about the chipmunk. I saw two of them, but they moved to fast for me to show Little Miss. So I showed her a photo of what they look like.
    We went on a second walk to look for them but the were hiding in their burrows.
    She kept repeating ‘We are looking for chimpmucks right?’
    At least we did see some white cabbage butterflies, squirrels and bunnies.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Jules and Polly

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