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September Smiles

Three Haiku.


pimpled conker case

has spikes seven days later-

autumn progresses


awoke to sunshine

across a freshly swept sky-

another new day


twixt rose and sweet peas

the air is giddy with scent-

gentle summer breeze


Elaine Morris (c) September 2015.


Comments on: "September Smiles" (7)

  1. I love all these Elaine, such a calmness to rhem which caused me to sigh. And yes! Autumn is approaching! 😊

  2. Thank you Christine.

  3. Thanks for the like Stephanie x

  4. Ah had to look up conker case. Our horse chestnuts don’t have spikes.
    And they those walnuts are basically just squirrel food. As they are a pain to get the nut out.

  5. Yes .Jules. squirrel food now they have stopped conker fights in schools.

  6. Thanks for the like BB

  7. Glad you liked them Polly

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