From tiny beginnings to oceans I discovered the world in words


Now listen while I tell you
of the day that life stood still,
and how the British managed
when they couldn’t have their fill.
The fossil fuels are running out
my Mother’s going mad.
She normally makes cups of tea
when things are going bad.
There is no milk, the cows run dry
with no green grass to graze.
So drinking tea and coffee black
is just the latest craze.
You can’t have sugar in it
the beet has ceased to grow.
You’re lucky I boiled the water
with fossil fuels so low.
‘Her’ next door should not complain
with her solar panels out back.
She opted out of fossil fuels
and now she can’t switch back.
No you can’t have beans on toast,
I’ve got no beans or bread.
Nothing’s growing in the ground
be glad that you’re not dead.
All the trees are dying off,
we should light a fire, it’s dark,
but the wood will need collecting
from around the local park.
You ain’t ‘gonna’ get run over
there’s no cars on the road.
Take the pram and whistle loud,
forget the highway code.
Get some dried up grass as well,
we’ll need that for the tinder,
and I’ll rub the sticks together
when I hear you by the winder.
No one’s driving cars you fool,
and Grandad’s sold his barge,
and the power’s off again this week
so nothing’s getting charged.
No phones and no computers,
we cannot text or ring,
people can’t see semaphore
you’ll have to learn to sing.
It’s no good telling me you’re bored
go out and try star gazing.
That’s one good thing that’s come of this
the heavens are just amazing.
The government said we were obese
when Cameron was the man.
Now we’re thin as rakes and ghostly white,
you just can’t get a tan.
All this started on that fateful day
when the earth ran out of luck.
It’s been cold are dark here ever since
the solar eclipse got stuck.
Elaine Morris (c) March 2015.


Comments on: "HELP." (4)

  1. Thank you Polly for reading. It was an idea from my son.

  2. Would it be that we could be wise enough now, like the ant that forages for winter…
    instead of like grasshoppers all, with nothing for when snow falls…

    I think you could make a book out of this! A lesson for every grade school child and their parents too.

  3. Wonderful! Well done, Elaine!

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