From tiny beginnings to oceans I discovered the world in words


Blowing across the shore,
horizontal waves of light
reflecting sparkles
in tiny grains of sand.
Settling to anchor sea grass.
Shifting on as time,
sliding through fingers like silk,
drifting as clouds.
Forever changing the dunescape.

Elaine Morris (c) March 2015.

Comments on: "Motion" (6)

  1. All that snow did remind me of dunes. 🙂
    Most of it is gone now. And I even saw some early spring bulbs up.

    • It was like snow blowing up the beach come to think of it. Lots of sandhills around St. Annes. We went there for a day by the sea. It’s spring here now.

      • We are getting …(hopefully) our last snow this morning.
        However it has been known to snow in April as well.

        Sounds like it was a fun day. The calendar says spring… but it is still a tad cold here.

  2. Smashing…I love the word ‘dunescape’–a new one on me 🙂

  3. It was a new one on me as well , Polly. Thank you .

  4. Loved this! Painted a wonderful picture! Thanks =)

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