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Time (Autumn Snippings)

Yellow and golden leaves or dull and dusty green.
Late summer days or early autumn.
let dull and dusty feelings turn
to bright forward looking days,
maybe it’s time to shed your load and prepare for rest.

There’s stuff needs to be done to wind up summer.
Paint the fence, prune the shrubs,
while nature ripens fruit and spreads her seeds.
Gather lavender to sweeten the the house,
keep the summer scent scent a wee bit longer.
Harvest produce from the growing season,
preserve some for leaner times and winter festivities.
Clean the bird feeders, put sunflower heads to dry.
Replenish the leaf pile as autumn falls,
the hedgehog needs to sleep soon.

Do all this with enthusiasm.
Great rewards come from preparation.

Elaine Morris (c) October 2014


Comments on: "Time (Autumn Snippings)" (4)

  1. But Elaine Patricia, when you have something to say you say it with such eloquence.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Daphne

  3. It’s the finding of something to say i often have trouble with Chris. Thanks for taking the time to read.

  4. Thanks for stopping by Polly.

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