From tiny beginnings to oceans I discovered the world in words

Day 21.
Looking up at the twisted frame above me
I see a parasol canopy of willow leaves.

Day 22.
A bundle of joy for my cousin
in a few months. Hooray.

Day 23.
fan out
like petals around
the patio bird bath
after the blackbirds

Day 24.
Tired and hot after the most fabulous day at
RHS Garden show with good company.
Smiling all the way to shower and bed.

Day 25.
flowery wands,
red admiral, peacock
and brown speckled wood.

seedy wands,
goldfinch, blue tit,
greenfinch and great tit.

Day 26.
Nothing is more joyful
than a hug from far away family.

Day 27.
A boat trip on a Sunday afternoon
on a peaceful river.

Day 28.
Normality and contentment
in my own home
is a joy now and I hope
always will be.

Day 29.
Soft pale pink yarn
and bamboo needles
make a surprise gift
for my niece.

Day 30.
Ripening rowan berries
mark the passing of time
with warm colours of the spectrum,
yellow through to red.


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  1. brilliant enjoyed againXx

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