From tiny beginnings to oceans I discovered the world in words

Day 11.
The first step outside
to a day full of promise
with love and friendship,

precious and treasured moments
measured in laughter and joy.

Day 12.
The sweet scent of summer
graces the air and pleases my soul
in silent strength.

Day 13.
summer breeze
across Starmount lodge
rippling water and reeds
blows cobwebs away.
Breathe deeply,

Day 14.
Earthy dust rises
permeating the air,
as the first summer rain falls.

Day 15.
After a long day
freshly laundered bedding,
coffee and a book.

Day 16.

Many shades of green

dancing together in the wind

wait for the rain

to quench their thirst.


Day 17.
Salmon, cod and smoked haddock
in a light parsley sauce
topped with creamy mashed potato.
Fish pie.

With my new hearing aids
at last I know what
silence sounds like.

Day 19.
Joy today is watching my husband
on a voyage of discovery
into something that may becomeo
a new hobby.
Amazed at his progress so far.

Day 20.
We had a smashing Sunday tea,
my children, grandson,
him and me.


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