From tiny beginnings to oceans I discovered the world in words

Day 1. (haiku)
Warm flowing water
washes stuffy night away
ready for July.

Being off colour
means you can stay home all day
joyfully thinking.

Day 2. (haiku)
Newsletter deadline;
joy means satisfaction
of a job well done.

Day 3. (elfje)
inane chatter
tea and biscuits
juicy gossip, helping hand,

Day 4 (haiku)
A warm milky drink
and a golden digestive
just before bedtime.

Day 5. (elfje)
buddlea spears
buff tailed bees
happy with one another,

Day 6.
Joyful little rainbows
all over my room
courtesy of the sun
and the crystal in the window.

Day 7.
Joy is the sublteness of the herb
in a bowl of golden
carrot and coriander soup.

Day 8.
Joy today was singing crazy songs
in a car full of sunshine and friends.

Day 9. (elfje)
gentle hushing
summer breeze blows
peace and relaxation through

Day 10.
Loving the freshness of a summer evening
as the sun sets in a golden glow.


Comments on: "Joyful July (first 10 days)" (4)

  1. Beautiful. Brought a relaxing sigh 😊

  2. Thanks for stopping by Christine, I am really enjoying this little project.

  3. Libby is looking for Elfje submissions…

    Each one a joyful gem. 🙂

  4. Thanks Jules, I will look into that.

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