From tiny beginnings to oceans I discovered the world in words

Summer Villanelle

  Behold the glorious summer solstice,

  balmy days all our tomorrows,

  earth’s aura meets the sunbeams kiss.


  Far behind the starlight trellis

  hushed dawns ascending sunlight shows,

  behold the glorious summer solstice,


  through half closed eyes in dreaming bliss.

  Blowing bubbles full of rainbows

  earth’s aura meets the sunbeams kiss.


  Standing stones the circles chalice,

  welcome back sweet singing swallows,

  behold the glorious summer solstice.


  Hawthorn, oak and ash the coppice,

  ceilidh dancers stripping willows,

  earth’s aura meets the sunbeams kiss.


  Buttercup summers such as this,

  swaying corn in sunshine mellows,

  behold the glorious summer solstice

  earth’s aura meets the sunbeams kiss.


  Elaine Morris (c) June 2013


Comments on: "Summer Villanelle" (5)

  1. Interesting the mix of trees here. Pines, oaks, palms and willows. In AZ and FL (at least where I visited) mostly palms. Different climates different trees 🙂

    I tried to look up the tree I saw. Couldn’t find an exact match. But the huge and I mean really big fallen pieces of bark reminded me of cinnamon, which I hadn’t know for a long time is also bark.

  2. A gorgeous villanelle – truly summery 🙂

  3. Thanks for stopping by Polly.

  4. Thank you for dropping in on your travels, look forward to catching up on your posts – love villanelles.

  5. Welcome aboard C.J.Black

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