From tiny beginnings to oceans I discovered the world in words

  My childhood summers had long carefree days

  dabbling our tip toes in cool trickling streams.

  We carved our names in the bark of trees

  made secret dens with passwords and no grown ups

  and ate picnics with earth tasting fingers.

  Then down to the beach with buckets and spades

  our fingers and toes wrinkling in the sea

  we ran on sandy smoothed skin of soft young feet

  in wide open spaces – one world – our world.

  What more could we wish for

  only ice cream for breakfast.


  All memories now, the days are still long

  tea and biscuits come round on a trolley

  while the TV chatters in the corner.

  “Oh! Visitors”. – “For me.” – “Who are they?”

  “Confused” – “Not me.” – “But keep your eye on them.”

  Smiling faces in light blue uniforms

  make beds and help wash and care for us.

  Someone moves us to meals and meals to us

  the days just flow into one another.

  Is it still unreasonable to want

  ice cream for breakfast.


    Elaine Morris  (c)   

Comments on: "Ice Cream for Breakfast." (6)

  1. Oh what a beautiful poem of contrasts. And I think it is very reaonable to want ice cream for breakfast!

    Your bare feet on the beach reminded me of the contrast between the smooth flat sand and then the wavy sand that sometimes hurt my feet. I used to ask my father to carry me across it! It seems lime yesterday.

    This poem evoked both happy memories and sad ones too, of the days when we simply needed to let mum be cared for 24 hours a day. At least that way ourtime with her was quality and not exhausted time.

  2. Thank you for your comment. The poem is about wanting unreasonable things at both ends of life and in the middle years to if you are anything like me. Sure you did the right thing for you Mum, it was the same here.

  3. Very close to home this one. Up until last year – caring for both the young and old.
    Thinking we still have time for us – in the middle of our lives.
    Now the young tire us out, as well as the simple chores.

    But I think one day I will serve my hubby ice cream for breakfast just to say we did!
    I actually think once when I was younger we did have cake for breakfast, After all there is flour, eggs and maybe milk too in the batter. At least that’s what Dad said 🙂

  4. I once spotted my son eating crisps and trifle for breakfast. Boys ! Thanks for stopping by Jules I know you are always busy. X

  5. love the nostalgia and slight sad feeling to this poem – really like the line “ate picnics with earth tasting fingers”

  6. Thank you for stopping by pure haiku

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