From tiny beginnings to oceans I discovered the world in words

April Elfje


tender green

horse chestnut leaves

limp like unfingered gloves.


Elaine Morris (c)  April 2014

Comments on: "April Elfje" (3)

  1. lovely elfje! yes, the leaves do look like limp unfingered gloves – that’s a brilliant image

  2. short and sweet

  3. Thanks for your visit…Life gets in the way of return visits now and then.
    Not that anyone needs more prompt sites but I’ve been playing with:
    Which I guess for me is OK since I had a blog spot space I wasn’t really using..:

    You may edit this response or not post it as it has two ‘B’ links 😉

    The two ‘grands’ are keeping me busy. I also have horse chestnut trees in my yard. I can see this…maybe even clearer if it weren’t raining and possibly going to snow today.
    Lovely Elfje!


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