From tiny beginnings to oceans I discovered the world in words

You’re in the warmth of the sun,

the breeze that blows through my hair,

a golden flash of a finches wing

as it flies beneath an azure blue sky

above daffodils, crocus and lesser celandines.


You’re in the soft downy buds of the willow,

the heart shaped leaf of the lime,

soft silken moss and gentle rain

that bejewels the hedgerow,

and the colours of the rainbow

as it arcs across the universe

protecting the earth.


You’re in dew freshened grass

and the song of the robin,

the stars and the moon

with their silvered reflection

on the rippling water of life.


You’re in my heart,

           my breath,

                   my life,

                         my journey

towards the richness and freedom of eternity.


Elaine Morris (c)  March 2014. 


Comments on: "For my dearest cousin, my sweetest friend." (5)

  1. Lovely words. xx

  2. brill again love it

  3. This is so beautiful and a precious tribute to your friend. I have had a gentle meander around your blog and I simply love your poetry!

    I have another blog called Perfect Imperfection ( if you would like to have a wander. I post close up photos of flowers (a challenge with my weak hands!) and usually accompany them with haiku or Elfje or similar short poetry.

    Its good to meet you and lovely to meet a blogger from England. Im in West Yorkshire, not far from Leeds. Ive only been writing poetry since 2011 so still finding my way round it all, but I love it and have just joined my first writing group. I too have grandchildren and they provide me with much inspiration, as does my garden and the countryside.

    Best wishes

  4. Popping about… A wish that more would benefit from poetry. For this piece could be about any family member…including pets. Our dear friends just lost one of their faithful companions, but alas there are few words of comfort I could offer them.

    FYI: I live on the edge of a suburb. A most excellent place a creek and a run off gully (for wet weather It can get dry). And a utility easement on the other side of the creek before the other suburban neighborhood yards – so I have sort of a mini wild life pressure for my lot. Just neighbors side to side – in the back anyway. Not quite in the country.

    I did miss seeing the great blue heron return. Though I have been entertained by goslings, ducklings and and the assorted small birds I put feed out for.

    Thank you for your visits and kind words. ~Happy summer, Jules

  5. This was very difficult to write but I had to do it. Thanks for giving it a little of your attention Jules. I live in a street with gardenless houses opposite. No views from here, just my small bit out the back.

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